Why a Blog About (SEXY) Self-Love?

Okay, fine. Self-love... is not exactly a sexy term.  It has been misused and misunderstood,  shoved in the corner with all the "touchy-feely" Hallmark cards and shallow saccharin-sweet social media memes.  Many of us grimace at the mention of it, preferring that the term remain as potpourri scattered among book pages in the Self-Help section.  Most can't say the term without an apology or at least a healthy dose or sarcasm.

Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 11.33.04 AM.png

I personally do wish there was a better term for it... something sleeker, more hip or deep, some sexy slang even... But no, "Self-love" is all we got. I checked. When I entered it in the  urban dictionary it was assumed that I meant "words meaning to masterbate"... Aaaand that is certainly a form of self-love, but the Urban Dictionary didn't even register the context in which self-love had a higher application.

I was even more alarmed to find that when I looked up synonyms for self-love in the Thesaurus, I found things like... conceit, narcissist, egotistical, pompous, self-absorbed, stuck-up, etc. These findings made me even more certain that self-love needs a new word all it's own. A fresh coat of paint, if you will. The term discussed in private rooms with therapists and at AA meetings, in self-help groups and written in diaries... needs to be liberated from the shadows. Emancipated from the corridors of shame...

Why? Because Self-Love is a skill. Self-love is a superpower. Self-love is badassery at it's highest level.  Self-love is healing. Self-love will turn your life around. Self-love is your dreams and your happiness. Self-love is your best life. And lastly, Self-love is indeed...SEXY

But don't take my word for it. Test it for yourself. And tell me how your life changes! What do you do to love yourself?