dance & movement for actors

2019 is my 8th year teaching this magical class in and around los Angeles. This class is all about freedom of expression, connecting to our authentic voice and expanding past our limitations— using movement and dance to do so! Currently I teach this class at Anthony Meindl Actor Workshop in Hollywood.

Kristi and DFA changed my life. No, I’m serious. My whole life I was terrified to dance in public. I always had enough rhythm to mess around at a concert, or clap along in church, but when it came to weddings or parties I would always avoid the dance floor because I was afraid of what people’s opinions might be. And THAT is how DFA changed my life! Am I world class dancer? Absolutely not, Lol, but I now LOVE to dance. I love to get in a circle with my friends at a party and make up stupid dances. I love the challenge of learning a choreographed dance. And most importantly, I love how it’s changed the way I move in auditions and how much more confidant I feel making bigger choices on set. Kristi is a giving, sensitive, and tough teacher! She’s just a REAL person. She knows exactly how much to push and when to ease up. I owe this girl for life...
— Manny Montana (Mule, Good Girls, Graceland)
I’ve been studying with Kristi for a year now and still look forward to every class with her...every week. I always get surprised and she always pushes me in the direction I need to go! She has incredible intuition and knows how to find the best in artists and how to break down their walls. Since last year, did I not only get so comfortable with my body on stage and in life but I have also found comfort in my emotional journey and how to explore every aspect of myself! This class is simply magical.
— Nina Rausch (Mad Men, Orange is the New Black)
Dance for Artists rehabilitated my love of expression through movement. As a retired professional ballerina I had so many triggers when it came to dance. Just the thought of taking a class felt immobilizing. Then I met Kristi. Kristi creates a safe space where she coaxes you to play and discover new elements of your own artistry with every class. She always has awesome music and creative choreography. Dance for Artists gets you in badass shape, invites you to explore who you are, then sends you on your way with a euphoria that lasts all day. I know this expression through movement makes me a better artist and a happier person. Thank you!
— Aviva Baumann (Superbad, Coldcase)


I’ve been acting for over twenty years. Performing was my first love and I am an artist and creator at my core. The thing I’ve always loved most about acting is how it opens my mind— and heart— to other people and their stories. Stories I might never have understood had I not had the opportunity to walk in another’s shoes.





For as long as I can remember, I couldn't listen to music with out seeing dances in my head.  I've been blessed to create dances and flash mobs for my class, as well as wedding first dances, a surprise engagement flash mob, a flash mob for television (CBS - "The Doctors,") choreography for Music videos, Fund Raisers (Children's Rescue Alliance,) and dance pieces just for the sake of ART! Here are a few of the pieces I got to create…

Flashmob for “The Doctors” - CBS

Click on the link below to watch what I got to create for Flashmob America for the hit CBS show, The Doctors!

Screen Shot 2019-01-21 at 12.53.14 PM.png

Bring Back Our Girls

Flash Mob America and Dance for Artists join together with Children's Rescue Alliance to bring awareness to the tragic kidnapping of the over 200 schoolgirls in Nigeria. THANK YOU: Rob Salerno (editor/camera,) Conroe Brooks (camera,) Brian Hammers (camera,) Jordan Marinov (producer,) Anzu Lawson (guitar/vocals.)