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Becoming certified as a Transpersonal Energy Healer (TEH) and Transpersonal Energy Healing  Counselor (TEHC) has been an incredible part of my healing journey— an unexpected, but welcome, twist in my story. I was so struck by how these techniques helped me, that I wanted to share them with others.

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  • Stimulates the subtle nervous system and the nervous system.

  • Creates a feeling of balance and health in the whole system.

  • Clears blocked stagnant "chi" pathways and meridians, energizing the system.

  • Provides a sense of deep relaxation and release of stress.

  • Assists the physical body's natural self-correcting healing mechanism in the release of stress.

  • Stimulates the natural immune response in the body.

  • Creates a state of receptivity and clarity of mind.

  • Eases emotional trauma.

  • Can act as a preventative measure to physical illness.

  • Provides a holistic sense of wellbeing and integrates the body, mind and spirit.

What to Expect During a Session...

Upon arriving in my healing room, I encourage you to get comfortable, curl up in a cozy chair with some tea and fill out a brief form-- this lets me know what specific physical and/or emotional issues are you are wanting to address. This will serve as a starting point as we delve deeper into the messages of your body and what truly needs healing— into The Art of Inquiry. Here we encourage the body (rather than the mind) to feel our way to the deeper issues behind the symptoms that show up in the body. Depending on the needs of the client, we will either follow the route of counseling or incorporate hands-on healing— usually a combination of both is ideal.

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Little Bottles of Love Offerings...

Wholeness:  $125 (Highly recommended for first session)

A 90-minute energy healing/counseling session that addresses your specific issues through the art of inquiry, cleansing essential oils and trans-personal energy healing.  During this session we may incorporate movement work, personality patterns,  tune-in to your "essential self," practice body-awareness through breathing,  and identify core beliefs.  All the while, you will be learning tools to you can use to help facilitate your continued journey to wholeness post-session and beyond.  

Well-Being: $95

A compressed version of Wholeness, this 1-hour healing session includes TEHC and TEH, as well as specific essential oils that support your personal well-being.   

Wholeness Package: Four 90-minute Sessions  $450 

Sessions scheduled weekly or at your convenience. This is the best option for on-going healing and resolution of specific problems. Great for handling a chronic health or emotional issue, implementing lasting changes, and supporting the body-mind to find and maintain a state of true wholeness.

Well-Being Package:  Four 60-minute Sessions $320

Sessions scheduled weekly or at your convenience. This is the best option for promoting on-going healing and self-care. Great for maintaining wellness, promoting a healthy immune system and supporting a stress-free body to encourage optimal function.

Oiled & Aligned:  $45

A 30-minute "tune-up" for your Chakra system.  This session involves an hands-on body/mind balancing session specific to your particular needs and includes the use of a selective combination of essential oils for the chakras to help balance and align these energy centers of the body.

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