Some of the best Things Come in Little Bottles...

… But I didn’t know that before I experienced Young Living essential oils. I just assumed they were a “fad” my health-nut friends were into. But then I tried them.

That moment—it was like my body reunited with an old friend. Someone I needed— no missed—but had somehow forgotten. There was something ancient. Healing. Whole. And very necessary about these oils. And I knew I had to have them.

It wasn’t just their gorgeous scents, pretty little bottles, or myriad of uses. It was the discovery that as I used them, it was as if I was being enveloped by love. The love of Mother Nature. The love of God. A love far beyond my own. And I knew, nature provides and these pure, untainted, balancing substances were meant for us.

And I believe, they are meant for you too.


 I never thought I would be sharing oils with friends and family, but how could I not?

I couldn't believe how potent their aromas, how many amazing everyday uses existed for them-- how the oils could replace so many toxic products in my medicine cabinet, toiletry cabinet, cleaning closet... not to mention how delicious the experience of using them on my body felt. I was hooked. Using these oils felt like the ultimate practice of self-love! (and you know I'm all about that:) Not only that, but Young Living EOs are the purest on the planet~ Their Seed to Seal promise is "beyond organic" and for someone who cares deeply about my health and what goes into my body, this is everything.




...I love these oils so much and they have blessed me in so many ways that I share them with everyone! And I want to share them with you!! Young Living took all the guess-work out by setting up several Starter Kits to help those who are new to using essential oils begin their journey. This "everyday oils kit" includes some of the most versatile and popular oils, as well as an essential oil diffuser which allows you to experience their incredible aromas and wellness support for hours and hours. This is the way I started with Young Living and I do think it's the best way to begin to incorporate Young Living Essential Oils into your toxin-free lifestyle!




You have three order options~ 


1) GOOD: RETAIL CUSTOMER: This means you have access to all of the oils at retail price (24% above wholesale,) and can order whenever you want.


2) BETTER: WHOLESALE MEMBER: This is a BETTER way to order-- When you order a Premium Starter Kit, which Includes 11 Oils, a diffuser, sample oils, and more (retails at $300- you pay $160.) you get the wholesale price of 24% OFF on all of your future orders!


3) BEST: WHOLESALE MEMBER WITH ESSENTIAL REWARDS: This is hands-down the smartest way to order (and what I did) -- You purchase your Starter Kit with the diffuser of your choice and check the "Count my Stater Kit as my first Essential Rewards Order" box at the time of purchase. Essential Rewards is Young Living's monthly "Wellness Box"delivered to your door-- I call it simply, my favorite day of the month!  It's the most cost-effective way to start your oily life by allowing you to slowly switch your personal care, household cleaning products and supplements over to oil-infused toxin free products from YL little by little each month. When you order this way, you receive a ***FREE oil with your Starter Kit PLUS $10 back*** in points for future purchases!  As an ER member you can select whatever oily products you want each month and earn 10% back back on every dollar! (This earning percentage increases to 20% after 3 months and then 25% after 2 years-- this adds up fast!) You also get reduced shipping and can change your order processing date each month. Also there are NO CONTRACTS so if Essential Rewards doesn't work for you, you can stop it at any time with zero hassle!



BONUS: Also, Young Living rewards their customers for sharing their oils with an incredible compensation program that you are welcome to take part in, or not! Word-of-mouth sharing is their only form of advertising and the products are so pure and effective, that's all they need! I found myself gushing about the oils to my friends and lathering them up at every opportunity -- they didn't have a choice!  And so I thought, "well, I'm gonna share these no matter what so I might as well receive the benefits YL wants to give me!" (Twist my arm!) If you are interested in learning more about YL's compensation plan, you can go  


However, as a member you are never required to sell anything. You have an opportunity to share oils with friends and family and earn a commission if you choose to do so, but it is not a requirement to enjoy the wholesale membership discount for a lifetime. All you have to do is purchase $50 worth of oils per year for membership. That’s it!


I hope I answered all of your questions, but if not please don't hesitate to email me through the CONTACT page. I would love to help you on your Oils Wellness Journey!




(Don't forget to use my Sponsor/ Enroller number when you order: 3608637 -- I will personally reach out to you and help you with any and all issues/questions to get you started!)